Spring and summer seasons are rolling around again. This is a busy time. Gardening, vacations, conventions and lots of outdoor activities with the family. So many things to keep us busy. It is easy to go into summer mode and forget about growing your Young Living Business.

You want to keep the momentum going and keep your business growing. You MUST set your priorities and keep growing. Growing your mindset, belief,

Successful distributors are always aware of the opportunities around them every day, everywhere. We don’t grow our business in spurts, working for a little while, then neglecting our business for days or weeks. There are plenty of ways to keep growing even while you are having fun.

Remember, Young Living is about living a healthy lifestyle free of harmful chemicals. We don’t turn that on and off during the busy times of the year. When you are living your oily lifestyle in front of people, it opens all kinds of doors for talking about oils. We talk about the things we love.

Here are 8 easy ways to keep your Young Living Business growing through the summer months.

1. Always wear oils and carry some oils with you. Just wearing oils will often cause people to ask questions. Wear your oils. You will smell wonderful when you walk in and people will notice. Many will ask, “What smells so good?” That’s your open door to step through and make an brief comment. Not a sales pitch. Just a comment, “Oh that’s my Stress Away oil. I wear that one on those crazy days.

Use oils in front of people. Make up some Stressed Mama roller bottles to share with other moms when you are getting together play groups.

2. Diffuse those oils when family or friends come over for dinner or a summer barbecue! Your house will smell great and people will notice. Set your diffuser out where people can see it. It is a conversation opener. “That’s my essential oil diffuser. I love diffusing essential oils to freshen the air and uplift the mood. Plus, diffusing is much healthier than the harmful chemicals in candles and room fresheners.”

3. Have oils on display everywhere. Displaying the oils is one of the best ways to start conversations with friends and family. Don’t have them hidden away where no one can ask you about them! Not only oils but oil books, diffusers and anything oily. Put your Essential Oils Desk Reference on the coffee table. Thieves products in the kitchen and bathrooms.

Show your oily chemical free lifestyle. When you are visibly using oils around people, people will ask you about them. When they have a need, they will remember you have oils. Make sure you let your friends know that you sell stuff. Don’t make a big stress over that. You can just matter of fact say, “I love essential oils so much I decided to start my own essential oils business. I needed to earn enough to pay for my oil habit.”

Don’t make it weird. It’s just the facts. If you feel uncomfortable about it, they will feel it. If you are open and matter of fact, just stating the fact and not doing a sales pitch, it will feel completely natural.

With some friends you are more comfortable with you may feel like being more bold and playful: “Yea. I do sell oils. Do you want to buy some?” Make a lighthearted comment. No big deal. Eventually some will become your customers. They will need what you have and, because you did not keep silent about your oil habit, they will know to come to you for help.

4. Take pictures of your summer oiled living and post on Facebook and Instagram Try to post something daily. It should not always be oil related. Just post your life. Share things that will help people get to know and trust you.

When you are cooking use Vitality Oils in recipes and don’t miss the opportunity to take a picture.

5. Check in every morning and evening with email and Facebook. This is especially important if you are doing Facebook or other internet marketing. You need to keep up to date with any important news but most importantly, you need to respond to any interest.

6. Wear clothes and accessories with essential oil related or Young Living logos on them. They are great conversation starters.

Diffuser Jewelry is another way to get conversations started. You smell great and people will ask about what smells so good. Don’t just say it’s an essential oil, say something about the oil that shows the VALUE for them. I spray Thieves on my mask these days since I am making sure I am not bringing germs home to my family.

7. Put a window decal on your car – don’t put company name but put something about therapeutic grade essential oils with a link that directs people to YOUR website.

8. Use Drop Cards or Leave Behinds that have your enroll link or direct people to your website. I like post card size mini flyers. There are times when I don’t even talk to people I just leave them in places for people to find. If you eat at a restaurant, leave a nice big tip with a drop card or a mini flyer. A drop card is not the same as a business card.

9. Always carry a sharing packet, well stocked with some brochures and whatever you like to share with people. Don’t forget to take your business with you on vacation. There are always opportunities to share and possibly even write off your trip as a business expense. Make sure you have your website and enroll link on everything on every brochure, flyer or whatever you leave behind.

There are lots of ways to keep growing your Young Living Business when you go through busy times. The key is to always be aware of the opportunities around you and keep doing something daily that makes progress.


I hope you are doing daily Abundance Oil inhalation and focusing on growing in abundance.

Today I want to talk to you about ALLOWING abundance. It may sound silly to even need to bring this up. Of course I want abundance! The problem is, we all have things in our past that can contribute to BLOCKS and RESISTANCE. There are a LOT of different things that can cause this. I have some tools to help with this so NO WORRIES!

I will let you know a couple of my abundance blocks to help get us started. In my past I had a couple traumatic experiences that made me know, deep down inside, that it is not safe in this world. The most traumatic was at age 9 a stranger attempted to abduct me. I was able to escape so nothing serious happened but I was really traumatized. That event stayed with me to this day. This shows up in all kinds of blocks and restrictions in abundance and even weight loss areas. One subconscious block was a fear of being too visible.

Another thing I want to mention is my parents fear of people stealing your money. Today there is a big problem with identity theft. As a child I heard my parents talking about people stealing your credit cards and stealing your money. I subconsciously took on my parents fears. For me, it translated to fear of having enough money for people to want to steal it. This is a subconscious fear. Our subconscious could actually make a VOW to never have enough money for someone to steal.

This can happen in small seeming insignificant ways too. An experience that happened to someone else can make an impact. One example: When I was elementary school age I saw a friend fall off the stage after giving a presentation. She tripped on the microphone cord and fell flat on her face. I laughed out loud and then was embarrassed that I laughed. My laughing at her made an impact on my subconscious mind. If I laughed at her when she made a mistake on stage, people will laugh at ME.

It’s interesting how our subconscious mind works. Years ago I started using Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) to help clear some of my emotional blocks. EFT is a wonderful tool for removing blocks but also raising energy level for most anything you are working to make progress in. I use EFT a LOT with affirmations and positive self talk. Affirmations are good but if I want to really make them powerful, I add an essential oil like Abundance Oil and then tap through the EFT points while focusing on the affirmations.

When you start doing EFT on a certain fear or emotional block, you might notice things from your past coming into your mind. This is VERY important. These memories that pop into your mind will be important things to tap on and clear. The tapping seems to bring things to mind.

Large and even the small things can become blocks and resistance to your progress. It’s like when one wheel on a shopping cart is stuck. You can move forward but it’s slower than it would be if all the wheels were moving in the right direction. Well, we can fix that! Thanks to EFT and other energy exercises you can clear these things that are blocking and slowing you down.

EFT or Emotional Freedom Techniques is a form of psychological acupressure. With EFT you are tapping on various acupuncture meridian points while you focus on a negative issue you would like to change. You can also use EFT while saying affirmations.

More on EFT here:
What is EFT and How Can It Help Your Network Marketing Business?

EFT Points and Corresponding Body Organs

Remember, words have power. You can add allowing statements to your morning energy exercise. You can also tap through the EFT points as you do the energy exercise or other visualizations. Put oils on your fingertips before you tap.

I will be adding more on common blocks and resistance to abundance in upcoming blog posts, as well as EFT to help you clear each one.


Abundance Challenge

It’s getting warmer outside and things are springing to life. I guess that’s why we call it Springtime.

Since things are coming alive outside, it seems like a great time to energize our business. How about joining with us in an April Abundance Challenge?

Each week this month, on Monday morning, we will share some Abundance Tips with some abundance assignments for the week.

The first assignment will be one to work on all month.

1. Every morning you will put on your Abundance oil. Think about: “What does abundance mean to ME?” For us, it means financial freedom, paying off debt. For some it means freedom from a job they hate or more time with family. Whatever that means for you. Choose what your phrase will be. Example: “I am financially free and living abundantly.” Here is one I love to use, “I am so full of abundance energy I am overflowing abundance on everything I touch.” Every day, put Abundance oil on hands, deeply inhale, repeat the words you chose. Think about the words and visualize yourself as you have already achieved it.

Do this every day. Wear your Abundance oil and focus on your WHY and what does abundance mean to you.

Abundance energy tip from Gary Young:
Put a little Abundance oil on each wrist. Touch your wrists together. Touch your throat. Breathe in the oil that is on your wrists. as you do that, imagine a waterfall of abundant energy flowing down through your. Imagine receiving through your left hand, giving with right hand and expressing through throat.

Another similar abundance exerciseL+:

Apply a couple drops of Abundance oil to your hands
Cup your hands over your nose and deeply inhale. As you do this, imagine a bright golden light coming from above. This is the healing light of abundance. Imagine the light and abundance energy filling you up as you are speaking these words to yourself:

“I am full of abundance. I feel the healing light of abundance entering my body through the top of my head. The energy and vibration of abundance is filling every cell and every molecule of my body. Filling me with a powerful abundance energy that is energizing all my cells. Filling, filling, filling. There is so much abundance in my body now, it is overflowing. My abundance radiates out from me and fills other people. The energy of abundance is overflowing onto my team and energizing their efforts. We are like a magnet, attracting more and more abundance. ”

You can use the words as as they are or change it up to fit your plans. You can shorten it for days when you are really busy. Just get the picture in your head of the light of abundance filling and overflowing onto everything in your life, especially things related to your business.

You can also use the Abundance Energy Exercise with AFFIRMATIONS. Don’t forget to inhale your Abundance oil. If you don’t have Abundance oil, there are other oils that can work in a pinch. Lavender and Stress Away would be one option. Layer them, or just use Lavender.

You can also use the Abundance Visualization Tool with this morning routine.

2. Intentionally talk to 20 people over the entire month about oils. That’s 5 people a week. This could be talking to people you have talked to before, just following up. Could be someone you know. Could be a stranger. It can be a social media post, an email, a text. It can be using a drop of essential oil in your water at lunch with a friend and saying something like, “I love to use peppermint to support my healthy digestion.”

You never know how the smallest action will open an oily conversation.

Mindset and energy is important. Here are some things that may help:

Power and Energy of Words and Thoughts

Visualization Is A Powerful Abundance Attractor

Conscious Languaging: The Power of the Words you Use

If you want to be enrolling people on a regular basis, you need to be making friends with people. The best way to prospect is to make new friends. Widen out your contacts and connections. These connections can eventually become really good friends. Your job is to always be looking for more connections and contacts. You never know which of these people will end up joining you in our Young Living lifestyle.

Start by having a smile on your face and strike up conversations wherever you go.

Once you put yourself out there and actually make new friends, real friends, you will have more people who may be interested in joining you on your lifestyle of health and freedom.

When you meet someone new, connect on Facebook or Instagram, right there on the spot. That way you can keep interacting with them on social media. Pay attention to their posts. Give a little love and comment. You are building relationships.

Of course, the best place to start is with the friends you have right now. Do you have a few people you would love to join you on your journey of health and freedom? Have those people over for dinner, meet for lunch. Have a girls night or a ladies spa night or a spa time for moms. Invite the neighbors over for a backyard barbecue.

Act like a human. That’s actually fun. Go out with the mindset that you are making friends and adding value. Not thinking about the sale. When you invite them into your life, they are going to see those oils and they will ask about them. That is a normal part of your life. Just that little switch in your mind makes all the difference.

Just making friends, hearing them, listening for needs, sharing, loving on them.

Carry oils of Premium Starter Kit. Listen for needs. If they have them, insert a comment and share. Swipe a drop of stress away if there is a need. You have a headache?, “Here try this. Put a drop of peppermint on the back of your neck, inhale.”

Share when there is a need. Then stop talking. Don’t say anything about selling them. Let things develop naturally.

Put on a HAPPY face.
Smile! This is such a simple, basic rule but we often go through the day and don’t even think about it. This a good marketing tip any old time during the day when interacting with people at the grocery store but is super important when you are attending any networking event or party or whatever. Scowling or any negative facial expression is repelling – NOT attracting. People are much more likely to warm to a person who says good morning with a broad smile than to a grump who frowns while saying hello. You don’t have to walk around looking like a manic clown, just lighten up your expression and SMILE when you say hello.

Be a good listener.
Always be listening to what people are saying. When you are in a conversation with someone or when in a group. You can pick up clues as to what the person needs. Someone has a headache, share your peppermint oil, or my favorite is Deep Relief. Just have them inhale, then add a drop to their neck.

Use the F.O.R.M. technique. Family, Occupation, Recreation, Message. Basically you ask questions about Family, Occupation and Recreation, then decide how your message to them should proceed if it feels right.

Bring all your cards.
Always have business cards handy. They are an effective way to leave your name behind. If you made a connection, you need to take advantage of every opportunity. Don’t wait for your new friend to ask you for a card. They may not think of it. Just offer a card and let them know it’s Okay to reach out. They may offer you a card in return. You could also ask if they have a card. Or ask for their phone number, email or take out your phone right there, on the spot and connect on Facebook.

Be generous.
You always have something to offer. Even flattery or encouragement is a form of generosity if it is sincere and authentic. It shows that you are able to think about someone other than yourself.

Generosity goes a long way when you are networking and connecting with people. You could share a drop of oil. Pull out Stress Away and put a drop on yourself and ask if they would like a drop of Stress Away. Then mention why you like using it on busy stressful days or whatever words you feel at the moment. Be authentic, share your passions, and help other people feel good about themselves. That’s all you need to do when you are making friends.

Get your elevator speech prepared.
Elevator speech or as some people call it, 30 second commercial, is a short comment about what you do. It’s not meant to be a sales pitch. Just make sure you let all your friends and family KNOW that you sell oils. Not a big thing, just make it really matter of fact: “I earn extra money selling essential oils.” Or, “I use the best essential oils and the company rewards me with cash for referring customers.” Say whatever feels comfortable but let people know you DO sell oils. It could be as simple as, “I sell essential oils.”

I always liked letting friends know that I do now stock oils to sell. I help them get their account set up and YL pays commissions on any sales made.

NOTE: Those of you doing CLASSES, all of these ideas are opportunities to INVITE people to your classes! Have some kind of flyer to give out to invite them to your classes. Also, ask them if they would like to get invites to future classes and then get contact info to send invite. Either email or postal for a mailing. Shannon Hudson teaches 10/90 Plan for passing out flyer invites to classes. 10 flyers a day for 90 days, then repeat. That basically means keep passing out flyers.
Flyers can also be an invite to a video presentation on your web site or an online class.

How to Attract Customers By Building Friendships


EVERY DAY wear an oil that will cause someone to comment on how good you smell (opening to say: “I’m wearing natural Essential Oils because I prefer a toxin free perfume. This one is called Stress Away. It smells great and who doesn’t want a little Stress Away these days? Have you ever used Essential Oils? …” Use Abundance, Stress Away or other oil choice. Mention what oil and why you like it. Be compliant. )
Have your 30 second commercial prepared and flyers ready.

Responses to “What do you do for a living?

When someone asks this question, answer it. Don’t answer a riddle. Example: I am an emergency retirement specialist.

If I ask you what you do for a living, what do you think I want to know?

If you say I’m in network marketing, do they know what you do for a living? NO. 99% of people don’t understand what that is. So you haven’t answered the question.

If you say, “I help people retire and have fun, bla bla bla.” Does that answer the question? NO. Say it in a way that they don’t have to ask twice. That is different than the way most have been taught. You want to answer in an honest way that instills trust, admiration and respect.

When asked, What do you do for a living?
“I’m a network marketer.” I know they don’t know what that means so I say:
“Like Amway, Mary Kay, Herbalife, but I am with Young Living Essential Oils.”

And then STOP talking.

Do they jump all over you and want to join? No but it creates safety 2 ways:
You told them the truth.
And then STOP talking. Every other Amway distributor starts talking and turns them off.

Shut up and let them ask questions for a natural conversation. When they show interest, that is when you proceed with your 30 second commercial or elevator speech.

Your 30 Second Commercial or as some call it – elevator speech.

When there is an opportunity to mention something about your product or business.

This is where your 30 second commercial comes in. Even if you are earning most of your income from a regular job, this is a good place to mention your business.

You need to create your own “30 Second Commercial.”

Then practice it over and over until you feel really comfortable saying it when the opportunity arises.

If you want people to tune in and respond to YOUR message – you have to make it super obvious … “What’s In It For Them”

Here is a formula:

I am a distributor with Young Living Essential Oils. I help_______________(ideal prospect) to _______________________ (achieve certain result)


I have a business that helps _________(ideal prospect) to __________ (achieve certain result) using therapeutic grade essential oils.

You want it to be really brief. The purpose is to stir curiosity and get them to ask for details. You have very little time to get your message across.

Here are a few ideas from other Young Living Distributors:

Jewels: My hubby has helped me with this. He says without apprehension: “I run a car lot.”
So he has got me to say simply. “I sell essential oils.”
Then they have to ask more if they want to hear more. Vague is better for an actual conversation to form instead of verbal diarrhea lol!

Jamie: Gosh I love this SO much! I personally hate when I ask someone what they do and they give me a long list of how they’re a coach and do challenges and what workout are you doing, blah blah blah… like just tell me you sell beach body..
If I’m interested I’ll reach out if I’m not, you’re saving us both a lot of time, lol. If someone asks me I’m like, “I sell Young Living Essential Oils!, and most of the time they say, oh how is that?, and then I can go into how I’m super passionate about non toxic products and using oils to support our bodies! Etc…

Tara: “I have my own home based Essential Oil Biz!” That’s it, I leave it open to conversation then! Simple!

Sonya: I have changed mine several times. What I have said recently is simply that I sell Young Living essential oils and products. It led to a short conversation, which none of my other pitches have ever done. I think simple and to the point is best. If you over complicate it than they tune you out.

Rachel: I sell Young Living essential oils which I LOVE, because I can stay with my baby and teach about something I’m passionate about- getting the toxins out of our homes and doing it affordably!!!

Barb: I am an distributor for a life changing health and wellness company called Young Living Essential Oils.

Vicki: I’m a distributor and wellness educator for Young Living Essential Oils. They offer healthy alternatives to the use of toxic chemicals in the home. Young Living offers all natural, oil infused products that have changed many lives, including mine. I show people how to kick chemicals to the curb and live a happier, healthier life.

Here are a few more ideas from a past training on brief words of intro:

I am a distributor with Young Living Essential Oils. I help people support their health by replacing toxic chemicals while creating a great income from home so you can enjoy the freedom to do what you love.

I am a distributor with Young Living Essential Oils. I help people support their health while creating a great income from home so you can enjoy the freedom to do what you love.

I am a distributor and wellness consultant with Young Living Essential Oils. I help people who want natural solutions to health and wellness.

I am a distributor and wellness consultant with Young Living Essential Oils. I help people learn how to support their family’s healthy immune system by using premium grade essential oils.

I am a distributor and wellness consultant with Young Living Essential Oils. I help baby boomers to feel healthy and have tons of energy.

I am a distributor with Young Living Essential Oils. We also offer a complete business system for women who would like to learn how to earn a good part-time income working out of their home.”

I am a distributor with Young Living Essential Oils. I help people support their family’s health with premium grade essential oils and also create a great income from home so they can enjoy the things they love.

I am a distributor with Young Living Essential Oils. I help people support their family’s health with therapeutic grade essential oils and also create a great income from home so they can enjoy the freedom to do the things they love.

I am a distributor with Young Living Essential Oils. I help women create a great income from home so they can spend quality time with their family doing the things they love.

I am a distributor with Young Living Essential Oils. I help mothers who are tired of not having more time with their children, learn to build a business they can work from home and be with their children as they grow up, even if they have never had any experience in business.

I am a Young Living Essential Oils essential Oils Consultant who works with stressed-out Corporate Executives who want to earn a great living and enjoy a great lifestyle without having to work crazy hours and miss out on family time to do it.

I am a distributor with Young Living Essential Oils. I help moms to earn a great income working from home.

I am a distributor with Young Living Essential Oils. I help moms to work from home and earn a great income with a fun, part time business.

I am a distributor with Young Living Essential Oils. I teach moms how to earn a great income working from home so they don’t have to feel guilty dropping their kids in daycare every day.

I am a distributor with Young Living Essential Oils. I help people who, because of these shaky economic times, are looking to supplement their income through an in an easy and inexpensive home business they can work on the side, even if they are scared to death to speak with people.

Other ways to Talk to People:

When you go anywhere there are people, wear Abundance or Christmas Spirit or any other good smelling oil. I constantly have total strangers comment on how good I smell. That is your opening to tell them something. I ask them if they have ever used essential oils. I tell them Abundance is one of my favorite mood uplifting oils. Then I observe the reaction. Most people are curious & will start asking questions.

Wear Young Living Promotional Items

An excellent way to get people to ask questions about what you do, is to wear Young Living promotional items. You will find some to those things in your Virtual Office, product area, under “Promotional Items.” They have hats, jackets, shirts, pins, canvas bags, etc, with Young Living logo or NingXia Red. Check frequently to see what they have available.

If you received a Young Living Achievement pin, are you wearing it in public? The pins are beautiful and people often comment on it. It gives you an opportunity to mention your business and give your business card with your web site address on it.

Whenever you use this type of marketing, ALWAYS have something to give people who are interested. It could be brochure, audio, Drop Cards, Business cards, etc. If you give out info, get a phone number to follow up with them. ALWAYS put your web site address on EVERYTHING you give out.


When you leave your house each day to go to work or to do errands, take TEN flyers for inviting to an upcoming oil class with you and don’t come back home until you give them all away to people you meet! You’ll soon find that 10 are too few and you’ll increase that amount.

Example: If you are going grocery shopping – give a class invite flyer to the employee who greets you at the door, give one to the person at the Bakery counter, the Seafood counter, the Deli counter. Give one to the person in front of you in line at the cash register, the person behind you in line and the cashier. Give another to the person who bags your groceries. If someone comments on how good you smell, tell them it’s Abundance essential oil or Stress Away or whatever oil you have on. Ask if they are familiar with essential oils, then give them an invite to an oil class.
Don’t think of it as being pushy — you are just letting people know what you do. Never, never launch into a presentation —
you are simply trying to get your information in as many hands as possible. I like to hand the brochure or Prospecting Newspaper and simply say “I brought this for you!”

Or, if you aren’t doing oil classes, invite to connect on Facebook and give a flyer with your web site and other contact info.


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