If you want to be enrolling people on a regular basis, you need to be making friends with people. The best way to prospect is to make new friends. Widen out your contacts and connections. These connections can eventually become really good friends. Your job is to always be looking for more connections and contacts. You never know which of these people will end up joining you in our Young Living lifestyle.

Start by having a smile on your face and strike up conversations wherever you go.

Once you put yourself out there and actually make new friends, real friends, you will have more people who may be interested in joining you on your lifestyle of health and freedom.

When you meet someone new, connect on Facebook or Instagram, right there on the spot. That way you can keep interacting with them on social media. Pay attention to their posts. Give a little love and comment. You are building relationships.

Of course, the best place to start is with the friends you have right now. Do you have a few people you would love to join you on your journey of health and freedom? Have those people over for dinner, meet for lunch. Have a girls night or a ladies spa night or a spa time for moms. Invite the neighbors over for a backyard barbecue.

Act like a human. That’s actually fun. Go out with the mindset that you are making friends and adding value. Not thinking about the sale. When you invite them into your life, they are going to see those oils and they will ask about them. That is a normal part of your life. Just that little switch in your mind makes all the difference.

Just making friends, hearing them, listening for needs, sharing, loving on them.

Carry oils of Premium Starter Kit. Listen for needs. If they have them, insert a comment and share. Swipe a drop of stress away if there is a need. You have a headache?, “Here try this. Put a drop of peppermint on the back of your neck, inhale.”

Share when there is a need. Then stop talking. Don’t say anything about selling them. Let things develop naturally.

Put on a HAPPY face.
Smile! This is such a simple, basic rule but we often go through the day and don’t even think about it. This a good marketing tip any old time during the day when interacting with people at the grocery store but is super important when you are attending any networking event or party or whatever. Scowling or any negative facial expression is repelling – NOT attracting. People are much more likely to warm to a person who says good morning with a broad smile than to a grump who frowns while saying hello. You don’t have to walk around looking like a manic clown, just lighten up your expression and SMILE when you say hello.

Be a good listener.
Always be listening to what people are saying. When you are in a conversation with someone or when in a group. You can pick up clues as to what the person needs. Someone has a headache, share your peppermint oil, or my favorite is Deep Relief. Just have them inhale, then add a drop to their neck.

Use the F.O.R.M. technique. Family, Occupation, Recreation, Message. Basically you ask questions about Family, Occupation and Recreation, then decide how your message to them should proceed if it feels right.

Bring all your cards.
Always have business cards handy. They are an effective way to leave your name behind. If you made a connection, you need to take advantage of every opportunity. Don’t wait for your new friend to ask you for a card. They may not think of it. Just offer a card and let them know it’s Okay to reach out. They may offer you a card in return. You could also ask if they have a card. Or ask for their phone number, email or take out your phone right there, on the spot and connect on Facebook.

Be generous.
You always have something to offer. Even flattery or encouragement is a form of generosity if it is sincere and authentic. It shows that you are able to think about someone other than yourself.

Generosity goes a long way when you are networking and connecting with people. You could share a drop of oil. Pull out Stress Away and put a drop on yourself and ask if they would like a drop of Stress Away. Then mention why you like using it on busy stressful days or whatever words you feel at the moment. Be authentic, share your passions, and help other people feel good about themselves. That’s all you need to do when you are making friends.

Get your elevator speech prepared.
Elevator speech or as some people call it, 30 second commercial, is a short comment about what you do. It’s not meant to be a sales pitch. Just make sure you let all your friends and family KNOW that you sell oils. Not a big thing, just make it really matter of fact: “I earn extra money selling essential oils.” Or, “I use the best essential oils and the company rewards me with cash for referring customers.” Say whatever feels comfortable but let people know you DO sell oils. It could be as simple as, “I sell essential oils.”

I always liked letting friends know that I do now stock oils to sell. I help them get their account set up and YL pays commissions on any sales made.

NOTE: Those of you doing CLASSES, all of these ideas are opportunities to INVITE people to your classes! Have some kind of flyer to give out to invite them to your classes. Also, ask them if they would like to get invites to future classes and then get contact info to send invite. Either email or postal for a mailing. Shannon Hudson teaches 10/90 Plan for passing out flyer invites to classes. 10 flyers a day for 90 days, then repeat. That basically means keep passing out flyers.
Flyers can also be an invite to a video presentation on your web site or an online class.

How to Attract Customers By Building Friendships