Acceptance is one of the emotion essential oil blends. I love this oil blend. I don’t think people don’t realize how useful it is. Acceptance oil helps to accept things the way they are right now.  Accepting changes is a big step in moving forward, especially when changes happen because of setbacks.

Many businesses have been experiencing changes because of all that has happened over the past few years since covid.  The economy has been affected. Prices are higher, there are supply chain issues and it is more is more difficult to find workers for jobs.

We have also experienced changes in our Young Living Business. I am approaching my 29th anniversary with this wonderful company and amazed at the changes, some are WONDERFUL, some we need to get used to.

One thing that happens with changes in the economy is that people are looking for ways to earn extra income.   Young Living has an income opportunity where you can earn enough to pay for the product you use, earn extra money to supplement your family’s income or even build something bigger. It is a business you can do from home, an income that doesn’t have a cap on how much you can earn. It’s up to you.

Whatever is going on, I am putting on Acceptance oil blend and moving forward.  If you are like me, you have several bottles you got FREE in your Loyalty Rewards orders.  We get another one this month!  Yippeeeeeee!!!

Use Acceptance essential oil blend with EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques).

Accepting yourself in spite of your limitations and problems.  When we feel good about ourselves, we are more likely to be successful in things we choose to accomplish.  Many people have a problem accepting themselves no matter what issues they struggle with.

The interesting thing is that if we don’t accept ourselves as we are, we often find ourselves struggling with the same bad habits and emotional issues over and over again, never really getting anywhere. This is really a problem when you are dealing with healthy eating and releasing excess weight.

There is a cycle you can get into, especially if you have a setback.  The setback can cause you to emotionally beat yourself up.  It can become a downward spiral.   Apply Acceptance oil and FORGIVE yourself. Inhale that wonderful oil. Accept that, YES, we sometimes do things that are not in our best interest.

Hey, have you ever noticed some other oils that are also helpful in this area? Forgiveness oil and Release essential oil blends are just wonderful here.

Speaking of EFT, the set up phrase has some key words to think about.  Here is the set up phrase in the latest post on my EFT blog:
Even though things have changed so much, I choose to love and accept myself.
Even though everything has changed since the pandemic, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.
Even though everything has changed and I am feeling fear, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.
I bet your mind went to the Stress Away blend for that one too!

Add Acceptance essential oil (or any of the emotion oils) to your fingertips before you start tapping through the EFT points.
Use Acceptance essential oil with your daily affirmation routine. Hey! On that note, did you know you can enhance your affirmations by tapping through EFT points?  Double that by adding essential oils to fingertips before tapping through the points.  EFT, affirmations and the POWER of YL emotion oil blends! What a way to shift your emotional energy to a positive one!
Acceptance oil can help you with those changes. Moving, divorce and taking on a new job are a few of the most stressful changes we go through!