It’s getting warmer outside and things are springing to life. I guess that’s why we call it Springtime.

Since things are coming alive outside, it seems like a great time to energize our business. How about joining with us in an April Abundance Challenge?

Each week this month, on Monday morning, we will share some Abundance Tips with some abundance assignments for the week.

The first assignment will be one to work on all month.

1. Every morning you will put on your Abundance oil. Think about: “What does abundance mean to ME?” For us, it means financial freedom, paying off debt. For some it means freedom from a job they hate or more time with family. Whatever that means for you. Choose what your phrase will be. Example: “I am financially free and living abundantly.” Here is one I love to use, “I am so full of abundance energy I am overflowing abundance on everything I touch.” Every day, put Abundance oil on hands, deeply inhale, repeat the words you chose. Think about the words and visualize yourself as you have already achieved it.

Do this every day. Wear your Abundance oil and focus on your WHY and what does abundance mean to you.

Abundance energy tip from Gary Young:
Put a little Abundance oil on each wrist. Touch your wrists together. Touch your throat. Breathe in the oil that is on your wrists. as you do that, imagine a waterfall of abundant energy flowing down through your. Imagine receiving through your left hand, giving with right hand and expressing through throat.

Another similar abundance exerciseL+:

Apply a couple drops of Abundance oil to your hands
Cup your hands over your nose and deeply inhale. As you do this, imagine a bright golden light coming from above. This is the healing light of abundance. Imagine the light and abundance energy filling you up as you are speaking these words to yourself:

“I am full of abundance. I feel the healing light of abundance entering my body through the top of my head. The energy and vibration of abundance is filling every cell and every molecule of my body. Filling me with a powerful abundance energy that is energizing all my cells. Filling, filling, filling. There is so much abundance in my body now, it is overflowing. My abundance radiates out from me and fills other people. The energy of abundance is overflowing onto my team and energizing their efforts. We are like a magnet, attracting more and more abundance. ”

You can use the words as as they are or change it up to fit your plans. You can shorten it for days when you are really busy. Just get the picture in your head of the light of abundance filling and overflowing onto everything in your life, especially things related to your business.

You can also use the Abundance Energy Exercise with AFFIRMATIONS. Don’t forget to inhale your Abundance oil. If you don’t have Abundance oil, there are other oils that can work in a pinch. Lavender and Stress Away would be one option. Layer them, or just use Lavender.

You can also use the Abundance Visualization Tool with this morning routine.

2. Intentionally talk to 20 people over the entire month about oils. That’s 5 people a week. This could be talking to people you have talked to before, just following up. Could be someone you know. Could be a stranger. It can be a social media post, an email, a text. It can be using a drop of essential oil in your water at lunch with a friend and saying something like, “I love to use peppermint to support my healthy digestion.”

You never know how the smallest action will open an oily conversation.

Mindset and energy is important. Here are some things that may help:

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